SKET Dance
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SKET Dance

Kaimei High School is full of eccentric individuals, students, and teachers alike. Amongst the school’s many clubs is the SKET Brigade, officially known as the Living Assistance Club. Comprised of the somewhat idiotic Yuusuke « Bossun » Fujisaki, the gallant Hime « Himeko » Onizuka, and the silent but surprisingly popular Kazuyoshi « Switch » Usui, the SKET Brigade is dedicated to solving various problems on campus. However, the club rarely receives requests, so the members spend most of their time messing around with random, trivial matters. Both hilarious and heartwarming, SKET Dance is a lighthearted comedy following the daily high school lives of an odd trio of friends.

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Japanese SKET DANCE Status Finished Type Manga Author Shinohara, Kenta Serialization Shounen Jump (Weekly) Total Chapter 288 Total Volume 32 Released: Jul 14, 2007 to Jul 8, 2013 Years:
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